My book in progress, inspired by all women!

I love to think as chasing rainbows as being Gods’ paint brush to the Masterpiece of art and beauty that lives inside each and every living thing.  I’ve been chasing rainbows all my life and didn’t know it until they began to appear after the stormy side of life, at times when I felt like I needed it most! That little “in and of the moment” smile that brushes across my face, in appreciation of the beauty. Finding myself in a state of awe, gazing into the natural colors and grace, allowing the colors to reveal themselves, sweeping over the sky was as if God and the universe was saying, “Everything will be alright!”  It seemed to be happening more and more, almost like I was supposed to glean some sort of divine message during the experience.

Many of us can relate to the stormy side of life, and living our lives through choices, will always con-tribure to the outcome.  However, there are those times of challenge, where making those choices it is difficult!  Believe systems instilled in us as children, can have such a major impact, resulting in a little excess baggage, we would rather have left behind.  Unless we are growth seeking individuals, we are left wandering aimlessly at times in our mind to just figure it out. To “find our OWN way”, how profound!!

“Chasing Rainbows” is about my own personal journey, that has led me to yet another book in progress; “The Master Journey” in efforts to share what has worked for me.  Searching inside myself and allow the free flow through my heart , based on a foundation, grounded in faith, and what I learned through God’s universal laws of attraction and an empowered heart based decision center, expressed through the treasure GIFT OF L.I.F.E. and LOVE.

Sometimes we may feel like we see more grey clouds, before the rainbows appear, but I think it is that lesson we must learn to learn from.Inspired by my former viewers and friend, I would like to take time to thank everyone for their vote of con-fidence in me to share what I have shared over the years, over coffee, lunch, dinner, long hone chats & emails from so many of you

I am in gratitude.  THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU !  WE have only just begun !
Love and Light with Abundance of Blessings,
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As a signature personality on the Home Shopping Network Barbara Marville-Kelly brought light, warmth and fantastic skincare products to millions of viewers every day.

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