Every day, in every way, is every reason, for every season, to take a snapshot of your life, at work and at play.   Are you playing full out?   Are you “souled” or sold out ?

What is YOUR “take” on life?  Do you get a second, or third “take?”

Are YOU “camera ready”, as to how you are going to show up in life? How are you being  perceived by others in business and personal?

Are you living in the greatness you were born with, in abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life experience?

As a Professional Shopping Channel TV Host, formerly with the Home Shopping Network, of 15 years,  & presently with The Product Network, where “Inventors & Consumers unite”,  starting over, once again in my life, the above questions brought me to the metaphor of “Lights, Camera, Action” coaching! First, coaching of myself; to find my own way to be able to be of service to others, first selling myself, my service and company, and my products, authentically!!!

Little did I realize at the time utilizing my own concepts for personal growth and development would lead the way for helping others. Whether your goal is to improve your 30 second commercial at a business network meeting, present a service or product that is compelling or become part of our special event training on “How to become a TV shopping channel Host,  Entrepreneur Host, or just learn the science and selling techniques behind the scenes, “As Seen On TV”, we have the tools.

It matters NOT, what your profession or personal situation is at the present moment. We have observed the road blocks over the years, that hold people back, or get stuck from living the lives they were born and meant to live, and have discovered the value of easy, and simple to understand metaphors, that even a child can apply.

We use “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION, as a daily metaphorical bootcamp, as it can be done quickly to access the knowledge, we have coined as the “master key codes”, to effect positive change, on the spot,  any time, anywhere.   What makes our bootcamp different , is that it can  be not only  a great jumpstart, but  it is ONGOING, much unlike  other bootcamps, that may work for awhile, but then back to old ways that are unproductive.

“The spotlight on YOU” phraseology, is the reminder process, with YOU, observing YOU, by YOU, and keeping your life in check, the “snapshot” and “in the spotlight”,  so to speak.

We have applied the same exact  principles with sport enthusiasts, professional athletes, martial artists, coached “masterfully by 5 time World Martial Arts Champion, and Author, Sport Nutritionist, Master Life Coach, Dennis Kelly, sharing his secrets, that cross over into the game of life.

Every human being has the opportunity of being able to tap into the treasures & talents they were born with.  Unlock “the Master Key Codes” to life’s mysteries, and turn them into “life masteries!” We are born with the mastery of greatness, the mystery comes when we get in the Masters way”

 We are in total gratitude to Debbie Dawson,  for giving us the opportunity to participate, and share motivation, inspiration, and so much more  in this magazine! Our enthusiasm has been a match from day one, to better our community!

As our thank you, coming soon,  we will be offering  professional  video-mercials, and special rates  to Its Your Home Advertisers,  interested in making their ads  come to life on line, that can be simultaneously used on their website, using “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION” principles, professional hosting, scripting and production, as part of the Its Your Home TEAM!

Remember there is always an opportunity for a “second take” in life !!  GO FOR IT !!

For more info on Master Life Institute  coaching,  Classes,  Corporate  Training, Video-mercials and Host speaking events  contact:      Barbara Marville,      or       Dennis Kelly at     727-945-9223

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