About the Products

barbara-marville-signature-shotThanks for your interest in BarbaraMarville.com. We will be adding extra features over the next few months, so come back regularly, leave comments, request or just to say Hello. You can contact us at barbaramarville@aol.com, or by phone at 727-945-9223

BarbaraMarvill.coms customer service goal is simple. We are committed to providing our customers with total satisfaction, and value your support, and suggestions.

I believe “Beauty begins from within and lands on the skin!”  Our skin is the canvas that reflects the story of what is going on with our health and well being, from the inside out.  Being a busy Mompreneur and a Professional  Television  Host, for 20 years, healthy living along with great skin care goes hand in hand for me!

It is such a pleasure and honor to be the Co-Creator for the “Barbara Marville Signature Collection”, along with Cindy Rager, Integra Spa Owner, Medical Aesthetician, Scientist and dear friend, as we hand selected the best of the best formulations, in a simplified yet powerfully effective skin care, making it different than what is on the market.

With Cindys vast experience of working with top biochemists, board certified Dermatologists, and Plastic Surgeons, creating skin care for burn victims, with her work being published in medical journals and textbooks, and her being the video version of best selling book “Color Me Beautiful”, I knew we would have a winner!

Our story is unique, as we worked together on television, many years ago, presenting Cindys “core products’, with great success, and while using her products, I am constantly being asked about my “age defying secrets”, so here we are!

cindyWe have basically taken the guess work out for YOU! We have eliminated numerous jars, tubes, and bottles scattered on your dressing table, taking up space, and consumption of your precious time !

The collection uses organic ingredients, is preservative safe, easy to use, AND targets ALL SKIN TYPES, including MEN !!!

Over the years and being busy women, we know that we will take time for a solid,  and healthy skin care regimen daily, if it is quick, simple, effective, safe and affordable. WE WANT IT ALL, LADIES, and YES, WE DESERVE IT !!!!

The “ELITE POWER FOUR” kit is a great place to get started! Steps 1 thru 4, you’re out the door.

We have combined the intensity of ingredients, in four easy steps, that include makeup removal, deep cleansing, astringent benefits, light safe exfoliating, toning, tightening, lifting, firming, help with minimizing pore size, hydrating, softening, smoothing, calming, brightening, helping to strengthen elastin fibers, for less lines and wrinkles!