About Barbara Marville-Kelly

barbara_2007Life at 60 is pretty nifty, and 70 will be pretty heavenly” states Barbara Marville-Kelly,AKA as BMK, along with her husband Dennis Kelly, married in 2000, in their “later in Life” fairy tale wedding.

Living their dream of dreams of an empowered heart base life experience, and sharing with those growth seeking individuals, seeking purpose and passion in life. Living in Florida, with their two little Yorkie “girls”, Sche Sche & MiMi, with the precious memory of  GiGi, and other family members close by, are fulfilling their passion in life by helping others find theirs through a life of optimal quality, with a healthy mind, body, spirit using the mind as the map, the body as the vehicle, and the spirit as the fuel.

Barbara retired as a Professional On Air Talent Host for HSN (Home Shopping Network) After 15 years of dedicated expertise presenting products in all categories, and numerous Celebrity guested shows, co-hosted with guests such as Jennifer Flavin-Stallone, Wolfgang Puck, Leeza Gibbons, Susan Lucci, Dick Clark, Anthony Mark Hankins, Suzanne Somers, Toni Little , Franki Avalon, &  Loni Anderson to name a few.

Joined by millions of viewers, over the years, Barbara was able to develop quite a loyal following, while launching new shows, such as “Week in Review”, “Pillow Talk”, and of course two of her favorites, her own signature show “Marvilleous Fashions” and the morning show “Sunrise”, her grand finale of goals achieved as a professional show host.

Thriving on a special niche in ways of making products sizzle with excitement, guests to  shine, and engaging the customer to a shopping experience that was unique and different has been one of Barbara’s major strengths.  She attributes her success to that “never give up faith based attitude, and the never ending support of her endearing viewers. In  Barbaras heart of hearts she embraced the relationships she nurtured over the years with  her customers, and colleagues who have become long time friends. “It was the best part of the J-O-B!, it was the viewers who also inspired me to write my

Book, Chasing Rainbows,” and develop our mind/body/spirit program, of Tri-Neuro-Genics, The Master Journey, and “Lights, Camera, Action” Coaching, under Master L.I.F.E, Institute, where others can learn how to become the best they can be, by mastering the 7 golden principles of life, thru the “master key codes”, all tried and true   methods to master the journey through life

Over the years of Barbara’s HSN career, the importance of absolute proper health, nutrition and sleep,  life balance,  & personal growth & development,  were critical for optimal performance became more and more apparent.   Learning as much about health and wellness became one of her passions for her own sustenance, and sanity.

Now, Barbara is able to share the entire program sharing with others. Personal message to Barbaras viewers, fans and those who have supported her over the years, “I would like to send out something very special from my heart, to all who have  supported me, shopped with me, laughed with me, cried with me, and celebrated with me  over the years. You will always be close at heart, and for this I THANK YOU , from the bottom of my heart.

“ If only one life has breathed easier because I have lived, then I have succeeded!” Ralph Waldo Emerson