About Prime Time TV

Prime Time TV Show is about living a “Prime Time” life any time, anywhere at any age!

Professional TV Host Barbara Marville-Kelly and Co-Host  Dennis Kelly, share much of their own learned “L.I.F.E.” experiences on Love, Life, Being Single & Single Again, Stages of Ages Along the Journey, Healthy Living, Anti-Aging, Nutrition, Spirit, Principles  on  “How to Master L.I.F.E.”


Prime Time TV features a wide variety of topics involving “Real People” with “Real Stories” of inspiration, motivation, love,  laughter,   tears, unpredictable, compelling and totally entertaining! With an “Open Mic” format, the one hour show features Various “Special Editions” such as “What’s Your Story” where guests from all walks of life chime in their story, on how they are living a “prime time” life!  Giving examples that allow viewers to relate and engage in some way that can may tap into the viewer heart strings,  that may have a positive impact in their lives.

“Women Unscripted”

Women show up for what women do best, chit chat, share love, laughter & tears,  that is inspiring, motivating and good old fashion “KISS” (Keep It Simple Sweethearts!)

Principles on a very wide range of talking points! Sometimes they will have a fashion theme, to match the enthusiasm of the “Agenda of the show! The show was organically conceived at Sharon Kistler’s  “ Amazing Woman” breakfast where Barbara Marville-Kelly was Speaker! Barbara had a plan for her “Women’s Show” however was waiting for the right “AHA” moment for a name. Maura Sweeney came up to Barbara after the breakfast “ Barbara, that was so great, you are such a woman unscripted!”   Barbara exclaimed “That’s it! The name of the show “Women Unscripted!” Having a beautiful history of authentic friendship  with Helena Trangata,  AKA “TinkerBella, Shar Kistler and Maura Sweeney, Ambassador of “Happiness!” Mary Ann WeHe joins from time to time, as an honorary “Woman Unscripted” an amazing photographer join the girls, and captures the “magic”

 “HSN Memory Lane”

As a former Professional TV Host with The Home Shopping Network, Barbara, started an “HSN Memory Lane” Facebook Page that took off with great gusto, so Barbara decided to bring HSN former colleagues on the show for some live, very, very “Open Mic”  Entertainment.

“Write On TV”  Authors!

Artists! Speakers! And more! Helena Trangata, Bellisimo Publishing and Barbara  interview guests with their “written stories!” Always a great “Special Edition