Time to  Reset   the clock?    Which   one?

Fall is here, and  about time to reset the clock,  So is it spring Forward, Fall back or Fall Forward, Spring Back?  Difficult to remember for setting our tick tock clocks?

Either way, we can turn back our BIOLOGICAL  clock by “Mastering the “secrets” to defy aging, that leads the way to resetting, rebooting, regenerating and revealing a healthier happier “Mind, Body & Spirit!”

Why wait for the resolutions of the official New Year, when our new year can begin right now, once we commit to commit to our temple (body) and learn to master the wisdom and secrets of the ages, since the beginning of time….naturally.

Our philosophy and words to live by is  “age is only a number!” We have learned  that the “fountain of youth” lies within each of us, just waiting to be tapped in to.

Aging, is a premature, cognitive commitment, where we see others growing old and we think we should grow old as well. It doesn’t have to be that way, nor should it be that way, as long as we can arm ourselves with the knowledge that gives us power over premature aging, and become ageless, healthy individuals for a long time.

After 40 years of  our own solid research backed by medical studies, science documentation, and applied tried and true methods, we’ve discovered when and why we begin to age as we do, believe it or not,  early in life, due to one main contributing factor, the DEATH HORMONE! The death hormone stems from many things and choices we make as we travel the journey of life, lack of proper nutrition, toxicity, bio-sludge, sleep deprivation, depletion of human growth hormone, brain shrinkage, menopause, man0pause,and leading the parade is the number one precursor to the death hormone,  is STRESS, creating the havoc of dis-ease and premature death, in many cases. Very rarely is this talked about !

The GOOD news is, all of this can be reversed to some degree, just by taking the first step of the “blueprint formula” that grants access into the “master secrets” to defy aging and live a quality  life of balance and harmony.

 Keeping things simple, natural, and authentic, are a few clues of the blueprint formula. Living the journey, and not the destination of life, is another.

 The HEART takes center stage, in many ways, and power packed with intelligence, more than the brain.

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